News and Articles about HelpNDoc

Build multiple versions of your help and manuals with HelpNDoc 3.6

We are glad to announce the immediate availability of HelpNDoc 3.6 with great new features such as a whole new build system which can generate multiple versions of your documentation, support for hidden topics which won't be generated in the final documentation and various enhancements and fixes. HelpNDoc 3.6 can be downloaded and used for free for personal and evaluation purposes.

One month extension on HelpNDoc Professional Edition's price

Due to popular demand, we are glad to let you know that we are extending for one month HelpNDoc Professional Edition's price of 199 Euros. This means that HelpNDoc Professional Edition is available for 199 Euros only instead of 249 Euros but hurry up as this will end on July 31st. HelpNDoc Professional Edition is the whole deal and it is the edition to go to if you'd like to generate all documentation formats including CHM, HTML (Web, iPhone, iPad), Word, PDF, ePub and Kindle. Go to the store page to learn more and place your order.

Generate EPub, MobiPocket and Kindle eBooks in HelpNDoc 3.5

We are glad to announce the immediate availability of HelpNDoc 3.5 and we have many new features and fixes to show in this new version, starting with the new eBook generators, which can produce standard EPub and Kindle eBooks. Other documentation formats have been enhanced while HelpNDoc's user interface and documentation has been translated to French. Read on to learn more and download your updated version now.

Small bug fix with PNG picture optimization for CHM and HTML documentation in HelpNDoc 3.4.2

You might have experienced a small but annoying issue with HelpNDoc 3.4.1 if you are using un-compressed pictures in your documentation: HelpNDoc could produce empty or black PNG pictures when trying to optimize them when generating CHM and HTML documentation. We have fixed this issue and encourage you to download the fixed HelpNDoc version.

Bug fixes and optimized memory and resources usage for HelpNDoc 3.4.1

We are glad to announce that a new version of HelpNDoc is available for download. This new version focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements: when generating large documents with hundreds or pages or many pictures, earlier versions could use too much memory or GDI resources which could lead to generation failure. This new version fixes this problem and scales much better. It also fixes the cursor position which was moved back to the beginning of a topic after pasting. Other fixes are detailed in the log bellow.

Amazing new template features and customization are available in HelpNDoc 3.4

We are glad to announce the immediate availability of HelpNDoc 3.4 with amazing new features and enhancements such as new customization capabilities for templates as well as enhanced HTML and CHM documentation generation to cite a few. HelpNDoc 3.4 brings many requested additions and fixes such as the HTML table of contents which now correctly selects the currently viewed topic.

How to embed a YouTube video in a CHM help file or HTML documentation

YouTube videos are extremely useful to easily share an animated content such as a step-by-step guide or an how-to movie. It is worth considering adding a YouTube video in an HTML based documentation, such as a CHM help file, to showcase a procedure and make it more easily and rapidly understandable by the end-user. As an added advantage, the video file won't be embedded in the final documentation but streamed directly from YouTube, thus lowering the final documentation's size. Let's see how fast and easy it is to add a YouTube video to a CHM help file or an HTML documentation using HelpNDoc.

Better UX through Better UA - The Conference for User Assistance

We thought you might be interested to know that WritersUA, which specializes in providing quality training and publications for the community of user assistance professionals, is planning it's next conference for software user assistance on March 11-14, 2012 in Memphis, Tennessee. The focus of the conference is on developing the best possible user experience for all types of software applications through well-designed interfaces and helpful and accessible support information and is featuring 35 of the top experts in the user assistance field.

JQuery mobile HTML template and extended table of contents are available in HelpNDoc 3.3

A new version of HelpNDoc has just been released for download and features many additions and bug fixes. This new version 3.3 includes new features such as a JQuery mobile template or the reintroduction of the extended table of contents, as well as many bug fixes and enhancements.