When the floating license server is running correctly, we should be able to launch HelpNDoc, enter the server's address and port, and start using it.

If that doesn't work, it means that the computer where HelpNDoc is installed can't reach the floating license server. This could be caused by a software and/or hardware firewall on the server, the network infrastructure or the client. We recommend that you contact your IT team to get help with your specific network infrastructure.

You can also test the connection to the floating license server using the following PowerShell command line:

  • Test-NetConnection SERVER_ADDRESS -p PORT_NUMBER


  • SERVER_ADDRESS is the address of the floating license server's computer;
  • PORT_NUMBER is the port used by the floating license server to listen to incoming connections. It is “13” by default and can be changed from the floating license server's “TurboFloatServer-config.xml” file