It is possible to customize the behavior of the HTML documentation format through its parameters.

Show a specific topic

It is possible to show a specific topic (contextual help) by using its Help Id. See the Context sensitive HTML help topic to learn more.

Choose which tab is shown

By default, the HTML help includes 3 tabs: Contents, Index and Search. To choose which tab is shown when the HTML documentation is opened, simply add the "?tab=" URL parameter. Here are the available values:

URL parameter


no parameter

Show the Contents tab by default


Shows the Index tab


Shows the Search tab


Search for a specific term

It is possible to run the search engine on a specific term when the page is shown. Simple add the "?search=" URL parameter.


Combining URL parameters

Behaving as normal URL parameters, it is possible to combine them altogether. For example, showing the "Search" tab while searching for the "help" term can be achieved as follows: