An image map is a special image with click-able shapes linking to topics, files or on-line content. It can be useful in multiple situations:

  • Display a screenshot linking to additional information based on where the user clicks;
  • Display a map linking to additional information based on coordinates;

Note: Image maps are only compatible with CHM and HTML documentation formats as well as some ePub readers.

Overview of the user interface

1. Library item name

Choose a unique name for that library item.

2. Commands and fields

Commands available for the image map library item:

  • Insert / Replace file: Locate a file on the hard drive or a network location to
  • Remove file from project: Remove the content of the file from the project
  • Update image map: Show the image map editor to edit its click-able shapes
  • Export file: Export the content of the file to the hard drive
  • Convert to picture: Convert an image map to a picture. Note: This action can take time on large projects as it needs to analyze the whole project and convert every instances of this image map. This action can't be undone.

3. Preview

A preview of the library item is displayed. It is possible to drag and drop a file from a third party application such as the Windows Explorer into the preview to include it or replace the existing file.