When writing documentation, the user interface might become a distraction and could slow down the writing process, in particular when adding special and non-textual elements in the topic editor. That's why HelpNDoc provides the CTRL+SPACE auto-completion keyboard shortcut to speed up the writing process.

To show the auto-completion dialog, hit the CTRL+SPACE keyboard shortcut in the topic editor. The following actions are then available:

  • Enter any text in the filter field to filter the list and show only relevant items
  • Use the Up and Down keyboard keys to select the desired item
  • Use the Enter keyboard key (or click the item) to insert that item
  • Use the Escape keyboard key (or click the close button) to discard the dialog

The auto-completion dialog is context sensitive. It's action depends on the content at position of the cursor in the topic editor.

Link to an Internet address

  • When used after the "http://" or "ftp://" characters, it will provide a way to continue to input an URL
  • After entering the complete URL, it will be inserted as a clickable link in the topic editor

Link to a topic

  • When used after a space character or at the start of a new line, it will provide a list of all available topics to link to
  • When used within or right after a word, it will use that word as the filter. E.g. typing "help" then CTRL+SPACE will filter all topics containing the text "help"
  • After selecting the topic in the list, a link with its caption will be inserted in the topic editor

Insert a library item

  • When used right after the "!" character, it will display a list of all available library items
  • When used within or right after a word starting with the "!" character, it will use that word as a filter for the library item
  • After selecting a library item in the list, it will be inserted in the topic editor