Named licenses can only be used by one specific person and installed on her own computer. To validate the correct use of the license, HelpNDoc needs to be activated on the computer where it will be used. To activate HelpNDoc, simply enter the license key you've retrieved from the customer's section.

Warning: Activating HelpNDoc requires an Internet access to connect to the license server. Once activated, HelpNDoc will check the license server from time to time (usually, every 90 days). If it can't connect to the license server, it will keep working for a certain period of time (usually, 14 days). Once this period is over, it won't run anymore and will require access to the license server. See Grace period topic for more information.

How to: Activate HelpNDoc

Once you've purchased a named license, you will be able to download the full version of HelpNDoc from your customer's section and request a license key.
When you launch your licensed copy of HelpNDoc, it will automatically ask you to enter that license key and connect to the license servers to validate it. Once this is done, HelpNDoc will be activated on that computer and you won't need to enter the license key again. It will periodically check with the license server to make sure the key is still valid.

How to: Update you license

Once your license has expired, you can choose to purchase an update: the license key won't change but you'll need to connect to the license server to update its content. This can be done by using the "license -f" command line option while connected to the Internet. As an example, using Windows' command prompt:

> C:\Program Files\IBE Software\HelpNDoc 9\hnd9.exe license -f

How to: Upgrade your edition of HelpNDoc

If you've placed an order to upgrade e.g. from the Standard Edition to the Professional Edition of HelpNDoc, your license key will not be valid anymore. You can simply activate your new edition of HelpNDoc after requesting a new license key.

Command line usage

It is possible to manage HelpNDoc's license from the command line. See Usage from the command line to learn more.

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