Each topic can have a status, representing its state at the current time. By default, available statuses are:

  • Complete - the topic is considered done and no further editing is necessary
  • Needs Review - the topic is done but might need corrections
  • In Progress - the topic is actively being worked on
  • Out of Date - the topic's content is not up to date and should be reworked in the future

Manage statuses

It is possible to manage status (add, edit or delete them):

  1. Right click on a topic
  2. Hover over "Status"
  3. Click "Manage Statuses..."

Conditional generation based on status

Each build can include topic with a set of statuses. By default, every topics are included in a build, but each build can be customized to only include a subset of available statuses. For example: only generate "Complete" topics.