Most web-browsers won't allow the HTML documentation generated by HelpNDoc to run on the local computer due to security restrictions. That's why HelpNDoc includes a full featured web server to work around this limitation: local HTML documentation generated by HelpNDoc can be tested as if it was uploaded to a real web server.

Launching the web server from the generation window

Once the HTML documentation generation process finishes, HelpNDoc will provide multiple. Using the "Launch web server" option will immediately start the integrated web server with the correct options, and launch the default web browser at the required URL to display the newly generated documentation for testing purposes.

Serving a previously served location

When a specific folder or file has been served using HelpNDoc's integrated web server, it will be remembered so that it can rapidly be served another time. This can be achieved as follows:

Serving random files and directories

It might be useful to serve specific files or directories using HelpNDoc's built-in web server. This can be achieved as follows:

The following options can be configured before launching the server: