Spanish translation

HelpNDoc and its web-site are not available in Spanish.

Topics status

Each topic can have a customizable status (by default "Complete", "For Review", "In Progress", "Out of Date" ) to quickly spot the part of the project which needs attention. Statuses can be used during generation to only generate topic with specific statuses.

Topics description field

A new "description" field is attached to each topic to describe or summarize it. The default HTML template uses that field to generate a HTML description tags for each topic thus providing better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the generated HTML documentation.

Topics custom properties

Topics can now have an unlimited number of custom key / values properties attached. Those properties are specific to each topic and can be used from templates or scripts to get additional information about topics or customize the generated documentation.

Find and replace by regular expressions and library items

The find and replace dialog has greatly been enhanced. It can now:

Enhanced user interface

HelpNDoc's user interface is constantly evolving to better serve technical writers and book authors:

Bug fixes

Many bugs are fixed with each release as indicated in the "What's new" page. Some of them include: