Publish your book to the vast majority of e-Readers

Almost every e-Readers on the market rely on the standard ePub specification as a format for eBook files. HelpNDoc can generate ePub files compatible with all those e-Reader devices.

HelpNDoc manual displayed on an Apple iPad

No matter what e-Reader device you are targeting to publish your book, manual or documentation, the vast majority of them including the Apple iPad, the Kobo eReader or the Nook rely on the ePub standard as their default file format. Thanks to HelpNDoc, you can easily write and package your whole documentation and publish it as an ePub file by the click of a button.

Create the best possible ePub files

When building the final ePub file, HelpNDoc will take extra care of every little details to make it as good as possible. For example, if you haven’t selected an optional cover for your book, it will warn you while still building a valid ePub file. It will also automatically convert the font sizes you have defined throughout your project to relative sizes for better viewing on any e-Reader device: the reader of your documentation will be presented with an eBook where font sizes are correctly set according to her own preferences.

Keeping control over your ePub publication

Keep ePub temporary files

HelpNDoc’s ePub generation process uses a template system so that every single aspect of your ePub production can be tailored to fit your needs. And once HelpNDoc has generated the temporary files needed to produce the ePub package, it can be instructed not to delete them so that you can manually make some modifications and package them yourself at a later time. With HelpNDoc you have the best of two worlds: write and produce standard ePub files painlessly while being able to tailor them if needed.

What about e-Readers not compatible with the ePub standard ?

Some e-Readers such as the Amazon Kindle can’t handle the ePub format. They usually only understand the non-standard mobiPocket format which leads any eBook author with a not-so-trivial conversion process. But once again, HelpNDoc gets you covered as it is able to generate eBooks compatible with the Amazon Kindle just as easily. No matter what e-Reader device your reader will use, you are sure that you will be able to produce a compatible e-Book thanks to HelpNDoc.