Clean and efficient user interface

Benefit from a thoroughly thought-out, clean and simple user interface to speed-up the complex task of help and documentation authoring.

HelpNDoc's stunning user interface

HelpNDoc presents you with the very strict minimum needed to be as fast and effective as possible in writing and producing the most amazing help files and documentations without sacrificing the most advanced and helpful features: the context-sensitive ribbon interface will only reveal them when needed to avoid adding confusion and help concentrate on what you are working on. HelpNDoc works your way and adapts to your work, not the other way around.

Keep focused with the ribbon tabs and groups

All actions are intelligently grouped in ribbons to make them faster and easier to understand and access throughout the documentation process.

HelpNDoc's ribbon interface

Start your documentation project in the Home tab to manage the table of contents, keywords and library items. Use the Write tab to edit and fine-tune the content of your help topics and the Insert tab to add some library items, tables and hyperlinks. Finally, generate a multi-format documentation by the click of a button.

Simple doesn’t mean less powerful

Even though only the most useful actions are available in the ribbons, HelpNDoc provides quick access for more advanced functionalities.

HelpNDoc's advanced dialogs

Extreme personalization of the fonts and paragraphs look and feel, advanced configuration options for the text and paragraph styles, detailed properties for the tables’ rows and cells are some of the powerful functionalities implemented in HelpNDoc.