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Liste des modifications de la dernière version

Version – Date de sortie: 6 févr. 2024

  • New build actions: upload generated files to FTP(S) and SFTP servers
  • Ability to override any library item types (pictures, documents, equations, variables, snippets...) in any build independently
  • Documentation generation process can now be canceled at any stage
  • Improved HTML importer which is now faster, more reliable and includes additional support for modern HTML and CSS features
  • The HTML library item's editor can now load and save its content from disk and includes a toolbar and popup menu
  • Project styles can now be imported from a DocX document or HTML web page in addition to HelpNDoc's own formats, and RTF files
  • Rewritten the script editor's log console: new hierarchical tree structure, includes icons, supports multiple lines, clearer and faster
  • Double-click an info, warning or error line in the script editor's log console to navigate to the problematic source code location
  • Use the CTRL-C keyboard shortcut to copy the selected line in the script editor's log console to the clipboard
  • Overridden build styles can now be copied from one build to another
  • The focused nodes of the table of contents, keywords and library trees are now saved within the HND project file and restored next time it is opened
  • New API methods to copy all build styles from one build to another, and to delete all build styles for a specific build
  • PDF generator produces smaller PDF files when font embedding is set to none or subset
  • PDF generator now better handles font embedding, including particularly for symbol fonts
  • Improved HTML/CSS generation: better code generation with additional modern style support
  • Improved Markdown import / export, which now supports loading and saving starting values of numbered lists
  • Some topics created with an older version of HelpNDoc could be blank when opened with latest versions
  • Importing CHM help files when a project is opened or recently closed could lead to the generation of sub-optimal or duplicate Help Ids and Help Context numbers
  • Strengthened documentation generation process to avoid crashes and correctly clean up in case of a problem
  • Cleaner HTML code generation for ePub and Kindle eBooks leading to less validation errors and warnings
  • Legacy framed HTML template did generate invalid breadcrumbs topic titles
  • Copying bullet lists from the topic editor to a text application now correctly pastes bullets
  • It wasn't always possible to clear the style format of select content within table cells
  • Improved drawing accuracy of various items when exported to PDF documents
  • Bullets with font symbols were not correctly exported to HTML based documentation formats
  • Better import of bookmarks in CHM and HTML imported files
  • Generation log could sometimes display bogus numbers for warnings and errors
  • Word and PDF generators could produce images which are larger than the page's width when images were included in library items such as documents or snippets
  • Improved and strengthened dictionaries import methods and fixed Luxembourgish dictionary import
  • Improved import of email hyperlinks from HTML documents
  • Automatic unique keywords and library items caption generation is now more reliable and generates better captions
  • New project templates were not always correctly loaded and displayed, resulting in an empty list
  • Faster and more reliable checksum calculation for topics, library items, and library items' sources
  • Improvements and refinements in user interface's skin engine
  • Fixed rare stack overflow exceptions related to the ribbon bars and buttons
  • Removed variable override command line option: use command line scripts to use the new library override feature instead

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