Activation helps reduce software counterfeiting, which helps ensure that customers receive the software quality they expect.

Activation means that a specific product key becomes associated with the hardware it is installed on. Once you have used the product key for the specified number of times on the same or different computers, that product key can no longer be used for activation on other computers. Activation is mandatory. After any grace period expires, you must activate the software to be able to continue using it. This requires Internet access to connect to the license servers.

During activation, product key information is sent to IBE Software and its software license partners, such as:

  • The product code, which is a five-digit code that identifies the product you are activating.
  • The date of installation.
  • Information that helps confirm that the product key information has not been altered.
  • A number generated from the computer’s hardware configuration. This number does not represent any personal information or information about the software. It cannot be used to determine the make or model of the computer and it cannot be calculated to determine any additional information about your computer.