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News and Articles about HelpNDoc

How to migrate a custom template when a new version of HelpNDoc is released

HelpNDoc includes a very powerful template processor where you can customize any part of the generated documentation. Most of the time, you'll use the default template of the documentation format you'd like to customize as a starting point. But when a new version of HelpNDoc is released, the default template might have evolved with new features and fixes, and you might want to include those changes in your custom templates. The solution is to compare and merge the updated default template with your own one. Let's see one way to painlessly and reliably achieve this task.

Import WinHelp HLP files, Google Analytics support in HTML documentation and more in HelpNDoc 5.9

Do you still have some old Microsoft WinHelp HLP files that you plan to convert to a more modern format ? We are glad to announce the release of HelpNDoc 5.9 which can now import HLP files so that you can easily convert them to any of the documentation formats it can generate: CHM, responsive HTML, Word, PDF, ePub, Kindle and Qt Help files. This update also includes optional Google Analytics support for HTML documentation web-sites, an enhanced project analyzer, a new script to merge children topics, better style support, enhanced documentation generation and much more... Download your free version of the HelpNDoc help authoring tool now and read more to learn about this latest update.

Automatically merge multiple topics from your documentation into a single one using a script

A standard help authoring tool such as HelpNDoc is a software where you generally write and organize content in order to produce documentation files for the end-user. As revisions are needed, the content needs to stay organized, and it usually involves a lot of laborious and error-prone tasks such as copying / pasting content all over the project, deleting content, moving and merging topics... Fortunately, HelpNDoc includes a powerful scripting processor which can help automate documentation creation, maintenance, reorganization... Let's see how we can leverage HelpNDoc's scripting capabilities to merge multiple children topics into a parent topic.

5 Key Features of HelpNDoc That Simplifies Documenting

HelpNDoc is a leading user-friendly help authoring software that was designed to make technical writing easier. Over the years, the software has undergone several different development phases to make it more user-friendly, and with improved features, not only for technical writers but for authors as well.
Presently, HelpNDoc is well known for its several different user-friendly features. Notably for its ability to generate several different file formats from just one source file including cross platform Qt Help files, Web-based HTML 5 documentations, standard Windows CHM help files, printable PDF and Word documents, ePub and Kindle eBooks as well as iPhone specific websites.
But there’s more! Here are five other key features of HelpNDoc that will make writing your next technical documentation easier;

60% discount today only on HelpNDoc Professional Edition!

We wanted to let you know that we are offering a huge 60% discount on HelpNDoc Professional Edition starting now and for 24 hours only! We believe this might be a good time to acquire more licenses for your team, upgrade to the Professional Edition or buy one for a friend or family member. Please have a look at the following promotion page to obtain more information about the deal.

Slash customer support costs and more... Recap of recent social media posts for Technical Writers

Here’s a selection of some recent valuable resources we’ve shared on various social networks to make sure authors and technical writers stay ahead of the pack. To see more of our recent and future posts, you should consider following us to get notified: FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Google+.

Rapidly import multiple media elements in your help projects with HelpNDoc 5.8

Did you find it slow and difficult to include media elements in your documentation projects ? Download the brand new HelpNDoc version 5.8 now to take advantage of the amazingly helpful new file import tool: drop multiple files from the Windows Explorer and the dialog will show up to help easily and rapidly choose how those files are imported. And this is only one of the new features available in this latest update, which includes multiple additions and bug fixes to help create the most amazing documentation project, such as: an updated template editor where assets can be edited from within HelpNDoc, better High DPI support for CHM help files, updated HTML documentation generation, and much more... Download your free version of the HelpNDoc help authoring tool now and read more to learn about this latest update.

Enhanced and simplified library item management in HelpNDoc 5.7

We are glad to announce the release of HelpNDoc 5.7, a major update of the popular help authoring tool which can be downloaded completely free for personal use and evaluation purposes. This update includes a completely redesigned library items editor, which is now not only faster but also easier to use; advanced library items related tools such as the ability to export included library items or convert pictures to image maps and vice versa; better and faster popup previews of library items, including external pictures; and many additional enhancements and bug fixes. Download your free version of HelpNDoc now and read more to learn about this latest update.

Quickly sort help content, documentation headings or eBooks topics by title

Writing an online help file, a user manual, an eBook or any other format handled by HelpNDoc is usually lengthy ongoing and non-linear process. Oftentimes, as the content evolves, the overall topic hierarchy can become sub-optimal and a re-organization is required in order to make the documentation easier to read and navigate. Even though HelpNDoc provides tools to easily re-organize the table of contents, in some cases the process can be lengthy and error-prone, such as when an alphabetical sorting of topics is required. Thankfully, HelpNDoc includes scripts to automatically re-order topics by title. Let's see how rapidly and easily this can be done.