Following the success of HelpNDoc v1.0, we are glad to announce the immediate availability of HelpNDoc v1.1. This version introduces variables as well as improvements in various places. As before, HelpNDoc is free for personal use.

Change log

Version 1.1 – Release date: Feb 15, 2005

  • Variables support (known limitation: variables can't be set as hyperlinks)
  • Popup menu in the table of content
  • Help file now contains information on how to integrate CHM files with Delphi and Visual Basic
  • Configuration information are now saved in the registry
  • Page background images weren't exported in CHM
  • Better HTML Help Workshop location handling: ask location when it can't be found in the registry
  • Faster CHM export
  • Balloon Hints weren't working in HND 1.0
  • The default icon wasn't always selected when required in the icons popup menu
  • The background color and image were not reset when a new topic was created

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