We are glad to announce the release of HelpNDoc v1.2. This version contains many additions and bug fixes. Among them, a new compressed file format; the possibility to import HTML, RTF, WRI, TXT and DOC files; a better find and replace functionality; a command line compiler, better CHM generation and much more. HelpNDoc is free for personal use so don’t wait and download your version now.

Change log

Version 1.2 – Release date: Apr 4, 2005

  • New file format – HND files are now compressed. Conversion is made behind the scenes. Still compatible with old format in read mode
  • Import of HTML, RTF, WRI, and TXT files. DOC files can be imported if Microsoft Office is installed on the system
  • Implementation of a better find and replace function: ability to find and replace throughout the project
  • Implementation of rudimentary Command line compilation feature: "HelpNDoc –c file.hnd"
  • Better CHM generation: Added next and home buttons, advanced search tab, addition of the favorite tab
  • Main window's position is now restored when HelpNDoc is launched
  • Better handling of bullets and numbering in the ruler
  • Fixed a bug where characters in the topic title could cause compilation error
  • Shortcut to create a new topic, use CTRL+T
  • Confirm save dialog could be displayed many times on application exit

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