Here is another release of the popular HelpNDoc. Featuring huge speed gain in file saving, loading and searching for any kind of projects, the possibility to modify the font attributes of the table of content, detailed hints for the nodes and bug fixes. You can download it free for personal use from the download section.

Change log

Version 1.3 – Release date: May 23, 2005

  • Internal HND format has been fine-tuned to provide better speed and size. Gain is proportional to project complexity but for reference: For a simple help file such as the one from HelpNDoc, the loading time is divided by 2 and the file size is only 70% of the original; For a bigger file, the loading is 30 times faster for a size of 64% of the original.
  • Search and replace algorithm have been optimized. Speed is 6 times faster for a small size project and increases with project size.
  • Possibility to change font and character set of the table of content in CHM files
  • Detailed hint for each node: indicates the URL of the node in the CHM file, context number and the topic ID if required
  • When a HND file was opened via the explorer, its name was converted to upper case

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