HelpNDoc goes 1.6, featuring new navigation hyperlinks, an improved user interface with new shortcuts and various improvements. As always you can download HelpNDoc free for personal use.

Change log

Version 1.6 – Release date: Oct 17, 2005

  • Internet Explorer complained about an invalid character when viewing an Help Web Site
  • Improved hyperlink window’s appearance for better consistency throughout the application and added shortcuts
  • Improved the speed of creation of spell checking suggestions
  • Keyword’s root could be deleted which could cause unexpected behavior
  • Possibility to add a subject to e-mail hyperlinks
  • New kind of hyperlinks: navigation, to go to next, previous, parent...
  • Insert hyperlink field was truncated to 30 characters
  • Keywords associated with multiple topics showed "untitled" topics in popup window
  • Added shortcuts CTRL + ARROW to move items in the TOC
  • Help file has been updated

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