HelpNDoc 1.8 is available for immediate download. This version brings many bug fixes and enhancements. Among them, you’ll be able to cut, copy and paste multiple topics, disable the live spell checker, automatically generate the context number for new topics, and benefit from many bug fixes. Have a look at what users are saying about HelpNDoc and read the detailed list of features and bug fixes is available from the history page.

Change log

Version 1.8 – Release date: Mar 14, 2006

  • The live spell checker can now be disabled
  • Possibility to automatically generate the context number for new topics
  • Added cut/copy/paste of nodes within the same project
  • Fixed accentuated characters export for Western code pages
  • Right click to add the selection as a keyword in the topic editor
  • Multi selection for drag and drop and node copying
  • Removed the popup window when using HelpNDoc from command line
  • Fixed incorrect menu animation
  • Fixed Access Violation when CTRL + Drag a node
  • Now generates a valid Delphi unit with proper interface and implementation sections
  • File overwrite confirmation when generating code

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