We are glad to announce the immediate availability of HelpNDoc 2.9 as a free 3.45MB download. This new release includes fixes and enhancements to many parts of HelpNDoc such as the PDF documentation generator and the CHM importer as well as interface fine-tunes to provide even faster documentation creation.

Enhanced PDF documentation generator

HelpNDoc 2.9 includes an enhanced, almost fully rewritten PDF generator which provides better unicode support, faster PDF creation, smaller file size as well as better PDF subset font embedding. The updated PDF generator now correctly generates internal relative links.

CHM importer fixes and enhancements

The CHM importer included in HelpNDoc has been greatly enhanced and can now correctly import link topics as well as links to internal topics. The CHM importer sometimes didn’t work as expected in Windows 7 and Windows Vista: this has been fixed in HelpNDoc 2.9

HelpNDoc interface fine-tunes

HelpNDoc 2.9 includes small yet powerful user interface enhancements for faster and easier documentation generation. The new project wizard has been improved to handle the TAB and SHIFT + TAB keyboard shortcuts to easily set the topics indentation level. Finally, the insert link dialog has been enhanced to provide a default text when linking to a topic if needed.

As always, HelpNDoc 2.9 is free for personal use and is available for immediate download.

Change log

Version – Release date: Nov 2, 2010

  • Better unicode support for the PDF generator
  • Speed and file size optimizations in the PDF generator
  • Better PDF subset font embedding
  • Reported file name in main form's caption was wrong after using "Save as"
  • The RSS feed reader sometimes reported an error
  • The PDF exporter now correctly generates internal relative links
  • The CHM importer now correctly imports link topics
  • The CHM importer can now correctly recognize links to internal topics
  • The CHM importer sometimes incorrectly imported the table of content in the new project wizard in Windows Vista and 7: only the first item was imported
  • The CHM importer sometimes incorrectly imported topic contents in Windows Vista and 7
  • HelpNDoc now correctly warns when the opened HND file is not recognized
  • Improved the "New project" wizard to handle the TAB and SHIFT + TAB shortcuts for faster indentation / de-indentation
  • Inserting a link will now default to the topic caption if the text has not been modified
  • Uninstaller is now a signed executable

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