This is with great pleasure that we announce the immediate availability of a maintenance release: HelpNDoc 3.0.2
HelpNDoc keeps getting better and better and this new version brings back the command line compiler (to silently generate documentation from the command line), and due to popular demand, the ruler (which can be activated from the options dialog) which were not available in earlier versions of HelpNDoc 3.
This new version also greatly improves performance while using and scrolling through the table of contents hierarchy, and provides various bug fixes and documentation enhancements.

Change log

Version – Release date: Sep 6, 2011

  • Command line option is back with the possibility to specify template names
  • Topic editor ruler has been restored. Visibility is controlled in options and is hidden by default
  • Performance improvement when using and scrolling through the table of contents hierarchy
  • Configuration options were saved even when the cancel button was clicked
  • CHM and HTML documentation could show an horizontal scroll bar with 100% tables
  • Padding wasn't always respected in table cells
  • Topic title variables were not correctly substituted
  • Documentation now contains the list and description of available methods from within templates

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