A new version of HelpNDoc has just been released for download and features many additions and bug fixes. This new version 3.3 includes new features such as a JQuery mobile template or the reintroduction of the extended table of contents, as well as many bug fixes and enhancements.

Create touch enabled documentation for mobile devices

HelpNDoc’s JQuery Mobile template can generate touch-optimized documentation for the vast majority of smart-phones and tablets available on the market today including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone devices.

JQuery Mobile Web-Sites for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry...

You can now leverage the new JQuery mobile HTML template to produce documentation and web-sites compatible with the vast majority of mobile devices including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Bada, Windows Phone, WebOS, Symbian and MeeGo based devices. This new template is similar to the existing iPhone specific template but is not limited to the iPhone look and feel. Just select this template when generating your HTML documentation to take advantage of it.

Fixes and enhancements

This new version also includes the extended table of contents which can be a great time saver to edit help context and ids and will automatically compress uncompressed pictures pasted or imported into HelpNDoc, thus greatly reducing the HND file size in such cases. Speaking about pasting, you can now choose to paste only unformatted text, or finely control what is pasted into your topics. Finally, many bug fixes and enhancements are part of this new release as detailed below.

Change log

Version – Release date: Jan 12, 2012

  • New "Paste as text" and "Paste special" commands for finer paste control
  • New template to export HTML documentation based on JQuery mobile
  • Pictures pasted or imported as part of a document are now automatically compressed before being saved to the HND project file
  • Reintroduced the extended table of contents feature
  • New visual identification about panel docking similar to Visual Studio
  • Opening project files containing a single quote displayed a SafeCall error
  • F1 shortcut didn't display the help file
  • Expand and compact shortcut keys only worked from the numerical keyboard
  • An error could sometimes happen when CTRL+Clicking on hyperlinks
  • Restored windows' height on launch was always smaller than when closed
  • Text contained in tables couldn't be added as keywords
  • Regression as the Brazilian dictionary couldn't be installed anymore
  • Cleaned-up keyboard shortcuts for Ribbon items in accordance to MS Word
  • Default HTML template did show an error with keywords containing quotes
  • Using the insert table popup from the quick access toolbar displayed an error message

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