We are glad to announce the immediate availability of HelpNDoc 3.7.1: this minor update brings some fixes in Word, CHM and HTML based documentation formats and can be downloaded for free for personal use and evaluation purposes. HelpNDoc 3.7.1 fixes various problems with the Word documentation, provides better look and feel when printing the CHM documentation and fixes problems with the recent projects and places list. Have a look at the detailed change log to learn more and download you free version right now.

Change log

Version – Release date: Nov 19, 2012

  • HTML documentation could not always select the first displayed table of contents item when viewed from a remote server
  • A frame was displayed around the content when printing a CHM topic
  • Word generator always compressed bitmap pictures even if the option for automatic compression was not checked
  • The Word documentation wasn't generated if the used template didn't show the table of contents
  • Word documentations could add extra empty lines before topic titles
  • French translation errors in the documentation generation log
  • The recent projects and places lists weren't correctly saved to the registry which could lead to incorrect entries

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