HelpNDoc Bronze Award at the 2012 Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice
HelpNDoc Bronze Award at the 2013 Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice

We are extremely proud to report that Visual Studio Magazine readers voted for HelpNDoc to receive its second Bronze Award in a row in the Help Authoring category. “This year, more than 400 products across 28 categories were voted on” writes Visual Studio Magazine’s author Keith Ward, and “more than 500 of you responded, telling us what tools you rely on day-to-day to get your job done”.
Software developers are often reluctant to write help files, documentations and manuals and we are honored that the support of Visual Studio Magazine readers find HelpNDoc so useful. We are working hard to make help authoring as easy as possible without sacrificing advanced features and we are thrilled that Visual Studio developers consider HelpNDoc as one of the best help authoring tool out there.
We believe that the recently released HelpNDoc 4 will provide even greater flexibility to software developers thanks to its new script editor which can run custom scripts and allows limitless automated actions to be performed on an HelpNDoc project.

We could like to thank Visual Studio Magazine readers for their support and for honoring HelpNDoc with this amazing award.

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