Even though the HelpNDoc help authoring tool has been engineered to be extremely easy to use, some help might be required to get started using it or understand advanced functionalities. Fortunately, there are many resources available in various formats to easily and quickly grasp concepts and features available in HelpNDoc. Let’s review them.

Step-by-step guides

The simplest and quickest way to learn a specific task by following clear step-by-step visual and textual instructions.

Simply follow the various step-by-step guides available on HelpNDoc’s web-site which are meant to be short guides, going right to the point, and covering almost all aspects of HelpNDoc. They include detailed screenshots of simple steps to follow to help understand how to perform a specific task. And they are also available as commented screencasts (with subtitles in various languages) so that it becomes even easier to understand how to use HelpNDoc.
For example, it is possible to learn:

In depth documentation

Need to learn more about a specific feature ? HelpNDoc’s help file (created with HelpNDoc) is available with additional information.

Access the application's help file

When you need to have more detailed information about a specific feature, HelpNDoc comes with a help file accessible via the F1 keyboard shortcut or by hitting the question mark button at the top right of HelpNDoc’s main window. This help file is also available online and as a downloadable PDF document for easy offline reading.

Additional help

We’re here to help…

If you feel you haven’t found an answer to your question or you need additional information, we will gladly help you: do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you sort things out and get back on track so you can enjoy documenting using HelpNDoc.

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