Recently, Microsoft announced the release of its Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15041 for PC and mobile platforms. This update allows Windows Insiders (beta testers) to purchase eBooks directly from the Windows store and read them in Microsoft Edge. A feature which will be available globally in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators update, scheduled to arrive in Spring 2017.
This is a huge opportunity for HelpNDoc users who can already easily produce ePub eBooks that are compatible with the new Windows 10 update!

How Is The New Windows 10 Update Relevant?

With the recent update, Windows 10 users can now buy any e-book directly from the Windows store and read them without using third party devices such as e-readers, tablets, iPad, or any other eBook-friendly device. Also, product end-users can access documentations, help files, help manuals etc. that are published as eBooks from their Windows computer, phone or tablet without using an extra device.

eBooks in the Windows Store and Edge browser

Microsoft described exactly how the process will work for end users: “After purchasing your eBooks – you will find those in your Books library, which is a new hub entry in Microsoft Edge right next to your favorites, history, downloads and reading list.”

One of the reasons why some Windows 10 users don’t buy ePub eBooks is the hassle of moving around with an extra reading device. With the new update, you can access your eBooks on PC or mobile devices running Windows 10. So how exactly can technical writers and other writers create ePub eBooks that are compatible with the new update?

HelpNDoc’s ePub eBooks are already compatible with the New Windows 10 update

The question many technical writers and other writers are asking is how to create ePub eBooks that are compatible with the new Windows 10 update. For HelpNDoc users, this is not a challenge. This is a huge opportunity! HelpNDoc already supports the creation of ePub eBooks that are compatible with the new Windows 10 update.

With HelpNDoc, you can create as many ePub eBooks as you want to sell on the Windows Store. Here is what you’ll get when you use HelpNDoc to create ePub eBooks for Windows Store:

HelpNDoc simplifies ePub eBooks writing

HelpNDoc has built-in features and tools that simplifies eBook creation so you can concentrate on writing. From one source file, you can generate at least 7 different file formats including ePub eBooks. Other formats include CHM help files, HTML web-sites, Word DocX or RTF documents, PDF documents, Kindle eBooks and Qt Help files.

HelpNDoc defines and refines ePub eBooks table of contents

An ePub eBook’s table of content reflects the coherent flow of the content by categorizing chapters and topics. Creating eBooks’ topics on HelpNDoc requires just one click. Reorganizing the whole table of contents can be done with simple drag and drop operations. This feature is absolutely easy to use and you can change an eBook’s chapter and topics ordering within few seconds.

HelpNDoc provides a productive environment for content creation

The heartbeat of any eBook is its content. Great eBooks have great content and worthless eBooks contains worthless content. To help you create the best possible content type, some HelpNDoc features include:

  • Advance texts and paragraphs formatting
  • Library of reusable media items
  • Fully WYSIWYG Word-like editor
  • Support for global reusable styles
  • Support for tables, pictures, user-defined variables…
  • Live spell checker available in multiple languages
  • And much much more

HelpNDoc supports the creation of the best possible eBooks

HelpNDoc is designed to pay attention to every detail in your eBook content and design to make it as good as possible. For instance, if you omitted your eBook cover, the software will notify you to fix it. Also, if needed, HelpNDoc will automatically convert the font sizes you’ve selected for your project to relative sizes to make it more reader-friendly on Microsoft Edge.

HelpNDoc has already been successfully used to create eBooks

Multiple books and eBooks have been written and published thanks to HelpNDoc’s powerful yet easy to use features. See for example how a 327 pages eBook has been successfully written using HelpNDoc and published to Amazon.

An opportunity to reach 400 million users on one platform

According to Microsoft, more than 400 million devices are running Windows 10 in 192 countries across the world. (That’s nearly every country on the planet). Once your ePubs eBooks are available on the Windows store, you’re showcasing them to a potential 400 million audience who don’t need to switch to any other device or platform to access your content.

e-Readers are constantly on the lookout for better methods and devices to access ePub eBooks. Developers are also working round the clock to meet these expectations. At HelpNDoc, we make sure our software users are ahead of the pack at all times. So download your free Personal Edition of HelpNDoc today and Enjoy documenting!

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