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Are you spending a huge sum on customer support because your product users hardly read your help manuals? Find out why users don’t read your manuals and what you can do so they’ll start right away.

Writing shouldn’t be an ordeal. In fact, writing can be fun and interesting. One of the easiest methods to make your writing more fun is writing with a user-friendly help authoring software like HelpNDoc. It has all the features you need to make writing absolutely easy! The best part? It’s free for personal use and evaluation purpose.

Users always assume that all user guides are boring. Don’t make yours worse by making it complicated. Here’s how to write a reader-friendly documentation that works!

Stay in charge of your writing. An easy way out is to use a software that simplifies how you write. Let HelpNDoc do all the hard work for you!

Make your documentation less complicated and more reader-friendly. Start writing with HelpNDoc, its user-friendly and free for personal use and evaluation purpose.

Audience analysis makes it easier for you to tailor your messages to appeal to your target audience and strike the right chord in them. But how exactly can you analyze your audience and get it right? Find out on this post!

Users dislike machine languages because they are often too technical and difficult to decipher. You can simplify your documentations for users by writing like a human and not as a machine. Why go robotic when you can be human?

Effective communication creates room for feedback. If your product users can’t reach you easily, chances are you’ve created your documentation just for yourself and your team. To make your documentation more effective and far-reaching, create an open and lively channel for interaction and feedback. HelpNDoc has all the features you need to simplify your writing, giving you the opportunity to focus on several other things!

In whatever you do, don’t forget to proofread your work and perform the tasks all by yourself. Don’t stop there. Let someone or a group with a lesser technical skill, perform the tasks too. Thats one easy way to tell if your documentation is effective or not.

Don’t use two words where one will deliver the message. Keep your documentation tight and reader-friendly.

Find out if you miss anything before publishing your documentation. Just one omitted word can ruin an entire documentation. After proofreading your work and walking through the tasks, ask both technical and non-technical personnel to help you out with a review! The outcome is always a win-win situation!

What should you opt for screen or print manual? Don’t take a wild guess and don’t conclude on assumptions. See exactly what you’ll have to consider before choosing either print or screen manual.

HelpNDoc speaks your language. Regardless of where you are or where you’re from, you can write with HelpNDoc. We have all the features you need to make your writing easy, reader-friendly and more fun.

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