In the ever-evolving world of documentation and help authoring, the arrival of HelpNDoc 9.1 marks a significant milestone. This latest update isn’t just a routine enhancement; it’s a game-changer, introducing groundbreaking dynamic content capabilities that set a new benchmark in the realm of help authoring tools. With HelpNDoc 9.1, technical writers and documentation specialists now have a powerful new feature at their fingertips: the ability to create dynamic, responsive, and highly personalized content with unparalleled ease.
The dynamic content library item, the centerpiece of this update, empowers users to craft HTML content that is interpreted at generation time. This means that the final output, whether it’s a web page, a PDF document, a Word file… can include content that changes based on a variety of factors, such as the current date, the project structure, external file content, or specific project settings. This innovative feature opens up a plethora of possibilities, from creating time-sensitive instructions to tailoring documentation to specific audience segments.
Read more to discover the innovative features of HelpNDoc 9.1 and see how it can transform your documentation process. Download HelpNDoc 9.1 for free and experience its dynamic content capabilities firsthand.

✨ Create Smarter Docs: Discover Dynamic Content in HelpNDoc 9.1

HelpNDoc 9.1 elevates help documentation to new heights with its dynamic content library item, allowing authors to effortlessly embed adaptive HTML and scripts for truly responsive and customized documentation.

Dynamic content script generating PDF document [dynamic] [featured]

HelpNDoc 9.1’s most notable innovation is its dynamic content library item, a feature that dramatically enhances the flexibility and relevance of documentation. This functionality allows authors to embed HTML code and scripts within their topics, which are then interpreted at the time of document generation. As a result, the final documentation can include content that automatically adjusts based on variables such as the current date, external files, specific project settings… This level of customization enables creators to produce not only more engaging and interactive documentation but also content that is tailored to specific audience needs or situations.
Whether it’s displaying time-sensitive information, generating user-specific instructions, or transforming external data sources into readable formats, the dynamic content feature in HelpNDoc 9.1 simplifies these tasks, making them more accessible to writers of all skill levels. This feature is particularly useful in several scenarios:

  • Personalization of Content: Tailor documentation to specific user groups or individuals based on predefined criteria.
  • Time-Sensitive Information: Automatically update content based on the current date and time, ideal for including timely notices or updates.
  • Integration of External Data: Convert and display data from external sources like JSON or XML files into easily understandable formats within your documentation.
  • Automated Content Generation: Use scripts to automatically generate content, such as lists of topics, glossaries, or indexes, based on the structure and metadata of your documentation.
  • Localization and Internationalization: Dynamically adjust content based on the language or regional settings of the user, making your documentation globally accessible.
  • And so much more! Check the Dynamic Content library item’s documentation for some sample scripts.

With these capabilities, HelpNDoc 9.1 not only simplifies the documentation process but also opens up avenues for creating more engaging, informative, and user-focused content. Whether you are creating technical manuals, user guides, or online help systems, the dynamic content feature enhances your ability to produce documentation that truly meets the needs of your audience.

🔍 Exploring Other Noteworthy Features in HelpNDoc 9.1: More Than Just Dynamic Content

Beyond the groundbreaking dynamic content feature, HelpNDoc 9.1 introduces a range of additional enhancements and bug fixes that significantly elevate the documentation creation process.

Improved library items insert menu [insert]

One such feature is the ability to easily duplicate pre- and post-build actions, streamlining the process of managing multiple builds within a documentation project. This proves particularly beneficial for complex documentation setups, ensuring consistency and saving valuable time. Additionally, HelpNDoc 9.1 has enhanced user control over the workspace, allowing for the deletion of recent projects or places from the welcome page or file menu, offering a cleaner and more organized interface.

Copy build actions to other builds [copy]

The update also addresses several bug fixes, improving the overall stability and performance of the software. These fixes include correcting issues with table background colors in HTML-based exports, enabling the paste of formatted HTML content within editors, and ensuring accurate project modification statuses. These improvements reflect a commitment to not only extend the capabilities of HelpNDoc but also to refine the user experience, making the tool more intuitive, efficient, and reliable for all documentation needs.

Embrace the future of documentation creation with HelpNDoc 9.1. It’s available for free for personal use and evaluation purposes, providing a risk-free opportunity to explore its extensive features and see how it can transform your documentation projects. Download HelpNDoc today and start your journey towards creating better, more dynamic documentation with ease and precision.

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Change log

Version – Release date: Mar 19, 2024

  • New Dynamic Content library item: HTML code and scripts inserted within topics are interpreted at generation time to produce dynamic content
  • Added ability to duplicate pre- and post-build actions from one build to another one
  • It is now possible to delete recent projects or recent places from the lists in the welcome page or file menu by right-clicking an item
  • Table background colors could sometimes be incorrectly exported to HTML-based documentation formats
  • It wasn't possible to paste or drop formatted HTML content within the topic editor, snippet editor or any other rich-text editors anymore
  • When opening an existing project, it could incorrectly be marked as modified when it wasn't
  • Navigating to the project options panel could set the project as modified when it wasn't
  • The insert library item popup menus have been redesigned to allow faster navigation and insertion from libraries with a large number of items
  • Duplicating a build didn't duplicate its pre-build and post-build actions
  • Duplicating a build didn't duplicate its list of overridden library items
  • The quick access toolbar's position above or below the ribbon wasn't correctly restored between sessions
  • Editing some image maps could lead to an empty image being displayed in some rare cases
  • Some rare very old projects which have been migrated to version 9 could be partially generated when they contained snippets
  • In the library item editor, the equation preview could be incorrectly placed at the bottom of the window when it should fit within the available space
  • Application could incorrectly notify the Windows system that projects in the "Recent projects" list were recently opened when they were not
  • HelpNDoc application's startup is now faster
  • Simplified dictionaries related API by removing unneeded methods

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