HelpNDoc is a help authoring tool which can be used to rapidly and easily create all sorts of content from a single source: help files, user manuals, documents, eBooks… You’ll only need to write your content once and let HelpNDoc do the hard work to generate those files.
We asked willing HelpNDoc users to share their work to show how versatile HelpNDoc can be. Here are some of the projects created with HelpNDoc.

Accurate Sound Reproduction Using DSP (eBook)

Mitch started writing with Microsoft Word but he soon ran into problems when he realized that managing topics is hard and error-prone. He finally published a book which he wrote entirely using HelpNDoc.

  • Title: Accurate Sound Reproduction Using DSP
  • Author: Mitch Barnett
  • Description: This eBook provides the audio enthusiast with an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for designing a custom digital filter that corrects the frequency and timing response of your loudspeakers in your listening environment so that the music arriving at your ears matches as closely as possible to the content on the recording.
  • Learn more: How HelpNDoc helped to write the book
  • Home page: Amazon eBook produced with HelpNDoc

Hipercusto (online help)

Mobi.Control (online help)

VidBlasterX (online help)

  • Title: VidBlasterX
  • Author: Mike Versteeg
  • Description: VidBlasterX is the most powerful and versatile live video production software. Capture and stream anything from sports events & live entertainment to webcasts and presentations.
  • Help file: VidBlasterX help file produced with HelpNDoc
  • Home page: VidBlasterX web-site

Winalldat net (online help and printable)

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List of showcase articles

Showcase: Writing a book - HelpNDoc or Microsoft Word ?

How Mitch Barnett, a software engineer, achieved his dream of becoming an international author using HelpNDoc. Executive Summary: Mitch Barnett is an Author and Software Architect. After 20 years as a professional software engineer, he wanted to write and publish his own book. After trying various professional tools, he realized HelpNDoc was the best one for the job. Who is Mitch ? Mitch Barnett spent 10 years as a professional mixing and recording engineer.

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