Step-by-step guide: How to access the library panel

Your library in HelpNDoc is a central storage area for your entire project where you maintain your multimedia files including images, photographs, videos, documents, HTML code, variables and snippets.

Your library is always at your fingertips. If it is not displayed on your desktop, there are two simple ways to access it:

Access the library panel

Option 1

Click Library along the side of your page. This displays your Library panel.

Option 2

Press the control key on your keyboard, and then press F4. This displays your Library panel.

Pin the library panel
To pin the Library panel, click the thumbtack in the upper right-hand corner. To collapse the Library Panel, click the thumbtack again.

Now that the library panel is accessible, let’s see how we can manage reusable library items and use them throughout your documentation project.

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