Step-by-step guide: How to delete a template

When a template becomes obsolete, it is simple to delete it. When you delete a template, you are permanently removing the template as well as its settings and properties.

Delete a template

To begin, click the Template Editor button in the Tools ribbon tab. This displays the “Edit report template” window.

Click the downward arrow for the Template menu to select the template that you’d like to delete. Then, click the Delete button to the right.
This displays a warning message. Click Yes.
This displays a confirmation message that the template was deleted.
Click OK to return to the “Edit report template” window.

If the template settings and properties need to be updated or the template needs a new name, it’s recommended that you edit the template or rename it rather than deleting the template and creating a new one. Instructions for creating a new PDF and Word template and copying an existing template are outlined in another step-by-step guide:

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