Step-by-step guide: How to manage the association between a keyword and topics

After you create keywords, they are available on the Index tab on published documentation on both the CHM and HTML documentation formats. Providing keywords helps users find the information they’re looking for as they can be associated with multiple topics to group them together when they share a specific theme.

Open the Manage keyword association dialog

Step 1

Select the keyword in the Keyword Panel.
Then, click Associated topics in the Keywords section of the Home ribbon tab.
This displays the “Manage Keyword Association” window.

Manage keyword and topic association

Step 2

Click a topic to create an association to the keyword. This displays a check mark, indicating an association between the topic and the keyword.
You can create associations between a keyword and both parent- and child-level topics.
To discontinue an association, click the topic to remove the check mark.
To save the associations you defined above, click OK.

HelpNDoc provides the tools needed to easily manage association between one topic and multiple keywords, as well as one keyword and multiple topics. This helps you create a great structure for your help files to help readers find their way to what they are looking for.