Step-by-step guide: How to use the script editor

HelpNDoc provides powerful scripting capability that utilizes the HelpNDoc API to automate repetitive tasks. This advanced feature allows you to create new scripts and load existing ones, execute and build scripts, and save scripts for future use.

Access the script editor
To access the script editor, click Script Editor on HelpNDoc’s Tools ribbon tab.

Script authoring and execution window

This opens the ‘Script authoring and execution’ window. You have two options:

  • Enter a new script manually, or
  • Load an existing script by clicking Load Script in the upper left-hand corner of the window to import the script.

HelpNDoc’ API offers a variety of functions and procedures to help you automate tasks. See a list of available API methods.

Build a script
Click Build script to compile it. The results are displayed at the bottom of the window. Resolve any errors that were identified and then click Build script again to confirm all errors have been resolved.

Run a script
Click Run script to compile and execute it.

Save a script
Click Save script to save your updates.

Create a new script
If you’d like to create or import another script, click New script and then follow the instructions outlined above.

The script editor offers an intuitive way to use HelpNDoc’s powerful API and automate various tasks in creating and maintaining your documentation project. It is a great way to gain time and avoid mistakes in error-prone tasks.

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