List of HelpNDoc updates

The current version of HelpNDoc is 8.4. Check the change log to get detailed information about every HelpNDoc updates.

Tips and Tricks

Advices, suggestions and ideas on developing and improving help and manual writing and production.

Microsoft Word DocX format

The Microsoft Word DocX format is a proprietary file format used by the “Microsoft Word” word processing program. It is based on the Open XML standard and is designed to store documents as XML files. The HelpNDoc help authoring tool can generate help documentation in the DocX format and optionally in the RTF format too.

Scripting in HelpNDoc

HelpNDoc provides powerful scripting capability that utilizes the HelpNDoc API to automate repetitive tasks. This advanced feature allows you to create new scripts and load existing ones, execute and build scripts, and save scripts for future use.

Project Analyzer

HelpNDoc’s project analyzer helps you review important project statistics, such as the number of paragraphs, characters, or links available throughout the documentation project. It displays a visual representation of the topic hierarchy for fast review. It also lists all hyperlinks and anchors in the project and can report broken links so that you will never produce a broken documentation file anymore. It also provides a list of library items and report which ones are broken, or duplicated.

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