List of HelpNDoc updates

The current version of HelpNDoc is 8.7. Check the change log to get detailed information about every HelpNDoc updates.

Tips and Tricks

Advices, suggestions and ideas on developing and improving help and manual writing and production.

Image Editor

HelpNDoc’s built-in non-destructive image editor preserves the original data of all layers, allowing users to make adjustments and apply effects without altering the original image files. With an intuitive interface and a range of tools, users can easily add, modify, and reorder layers, apply effects, and experiment with various adjustments to create visually stunning documentation.


Explore how help authoring tools can revolutionize the educational landscape by empowering teachers to create engaging, interactive, and multimedia-rich content. Learn how these tools enhance the learning experience for students, promote independent learning, and strengthen connections between educators and learners. Discover the best practices and innovative ways to harness the power of help authoring tools in the realm of teaching.


The project library is a centralized location within HelpNDoc’s projects where technical writers can store and manage their help content, such as images, documents, videos, bar codes, equations, HTML code… Reusing items from the library in multiple topics within a help documentation project has several benefits. It improves consistency, saves time and effort, reduces the risk of errors, saves disk space, and keeps the project organized. By using the same items, users can create documentation more efficiently and make changes more easily.

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Security related content

In the context of technical documentation, security refers to the measures taken to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the documentation. Technical documentation may contain sensitive information, such as trade secrets, proprietary technology, or confidential customer data, and it is essential to safeguard this information from unauthorized access or disclosure. Technical documentation security can involve a range of practices, such as restricting access to the documentation, ensuring that only authorized individuals can make changes to the documentation, and implementing encryption and other security measures to protect the data in transit and at rest.

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HelpNDoc includes a very powerful template processor where you can customize any part of the generated documentation. It provides technical writers with a wide range of customization options, including the ability to modify the look and feel of headings, text, tables, images, and other elements of their documentation. Designers can also add custom logos, change the background color, and adjust the font size and style to create a unique and personalized documentation style.

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CHM help files

A CHM help file is a type of file format for providing help documentation and user manuals for software applications. CHM stands for “Compiled HTML Help”, which means that the help file is a compiled collection of HTML pages, images, and other multimedia resources that are designed to be accessed through a user interface. CHM help files are commonly used in Windows-based software applications, and they are accessed through a dedicated viewer program called the HTML Help Viewer.

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Microsoft Word DocX format

The Microsoft Word DocX format is a proprietary file format used by the “Microsoft Word” word processing program. It is based on the Open XML standard and is designed to store documents as XML files. The HelpNDoc help authoring tool can generate help documentation in the DocX format and optionally in the RTF format too.