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To help you get started with HelpNDoc, launch the “HelpNDoc Tutorial.hnd” project file which has been installed and is available in the “Recent Projects” section of the welcome screen.

Launch HelpNDoc's tutorial project from the welcome screen

To quickly learn HelpNDoc, follow the straightforward step by step video guides in the following play list. English, French and German subtitles are available:

To learn more about HelpNDoc, you can access the help file by clicking the help icon on the top right part of HelpNDoc’s main window or hit the F1 keyboard shortcut. HelpNDoc’s help file is also available online in various formats. You can also browse through additional step by step guides focusing on specific HelpNDoc features.

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Thank you very much for choosing HelpNDoc! HelpNDoc is completely free for personal use and evaluation purposes. You can choose to upgrade to either the Standard or Professional Edition when you want: you will be able to import your existing projects and get going in no time.
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