HelpNDoc Bronze Award at the 2022 Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice
HelpNDoc Silver Award at the 2016 Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice
HelpNDoc Silver Award at the 2015 Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice
HelpNDoc Bronze Award at the 2013 Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice
HelpNDoc Bronze Award at the 2012 Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice

HelpNDoc has received many awards throughout the years by Visual Studio Magazine readers in the help authoring category. Winners are chosen by Visual Studio Magazine readers who answered the call for votes in 42 categories, awarding gold, silver and bronze to products and plug-ins deemed the most valuable tools for Microsoft developers.


Showcase: Writing a book - HelpNDoc or Microsoft Word ?

How Mitch Barnett, a software engineer, achieved his dream of becoming an international author using HelpNDoc.

Mitch Barnett spent 10 years as a professional mixing and recording engineer. When the market changed, Mitch went back to school to become a software engineer. However, his passion for all things music and audio continued. Recently, Mitch took a 6 months sabbatical to write a book titled Accurate Sound Reproduction Using DSP, which he wrote entirely using HelpNDoc.

The product design for simplicity and productivity is excellent. I like being able to get to work immediately and not have to spend time searching online or the manual on what to do. I love that it (HelpNDoc) can generate output in other file formats. The ability to easily link navigation to topics or specific places in the documentation is so easy and intuitive.
A major bonus for me is the multiple output formats. I was able to have my copy editor mark up MS Word generated docs. PDF’s for printing. Kindle format to test on multiple devices and screens, plus as the final format I uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing


Just want to say WHAT A BRILLIANT piece of programming skills. I am really enjoying this software. Thank you!

I just want to let you know that I have been enjoying thoroughly your HelpNDoc product! It will be helping to make our next roll-out a success.

HelpNDoc is an amazing tool because: You do your upgrades of functionality, new technologies and user friendliness WITHOUT losing the GUI philosophy.
So I – as your user – can still concentrate on my work instead of searching already known functions in strange menu and tab designs! An advantage, that is lost in many software’s like MS, Adobe and others…
This has to be said once! Thank you so much for your and your programmers work.

As a former Adobe RoboHelp user, I am extremely impressed with the performance, and ease of use with HelpNDoc! I truly find it to be an excellent product. As a former writer with IBM, I now have a need for software such as HelpNDoc for personal projects.

Richard Santink, e-Learning Developer (Santink & Associates)

Thank you very much for all of your great help with this. I really appreciate the time and detail you went into to help me. It is refreshing to have such great technical support. Thank you to you and the entire team at IBE Software!

Scott McGee, Cartographer, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

If you are looking for a good no fuss Html Help creation application, look no further than HelpNDoc. I download several trial versions of many other more popular Html Help tools and I was really drawn to the nice user interface and ease of use. It’s also free if you are doing non-commercial work. I bought my copy though and it’s well worth it (and you automatically get the next major version for free). Very responsive to my queries (like 10 minutes later). Recommended highly and it is written in Delphi as well!

The FRSO (Federation Regionale des Sports d’Orientation) in Belgium uses a very sophisticated home-made software to handle the various aspects and rules of the competitions. The documentation for the users was only available on paper, until we discover HelpNDoc. Only a few days were necessary to transform our papers in a fully integrated Help file, with one topic per screen, subsequent links and anchors. At last but not least, by far easier to maintain up to date. With the continuous innovations of the versions, a performing help desk when necessary, at the most reasonable price, HelpNDoc reaches the same limits… as our software.

Robert Marique, Responsable informatique de la FRSO

HelpNDoc makes the complicated process of help file generation simpler and more efficient. Technical writers spend more time concentrating on the inner workings of the help generation tools than the content itself. This trend can be changed using this simple, effective tool. All it requires you to do is to enter your text and images in the built-in word processor. Complete the help authoring and compile the same to generate read-made help files. You need not spend time and effort in understanding the complex tools as well as money to acquire them. The interface is based on the standard WYSIWYG concept and can be mastered in no time. If you are proficient with general Windows functionalities and word processors, it is as good as having learnt this tool. Make the output professional using the spell-check and editing features. Generate professional looking help files faster than ever before and spend time on your work and leave the rest of the work to HelpNDoc.

Creation of help documentation is something that very few software developers like and do efficiently. At the same time, well-structured, detailed and easy-to-navigate manuals and help files are some of the most important elements of truly successful software products. If you are the author of an all-in-all excellent product, but don"t have the luxury of a few months for preparing your help materials, we recommend using HelpNDoc — a help authoring tool that will not only allow you to minimize this period, but will also make this task a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
HelpNDoc was created with simplicity of use, intuitiveness and elegance in mind. Unlike many competitors that are either good-looking, but useless, or powerful, yet hardly pretty, this software efficiently combines these qualities and offers a stunning interface that helps you get you work done a lot faster! HelpNDoc supports many standard output formats, including PDF, CHM, HTML and Word — all generated from a single source. But that"s not all — the program is capable of generating iPhone-compatible sites, web documents and even e-books for devices like Kindle! The ribbon-style interface of HelpNDoc provides quick access to index editing, topic editing and content editing tools, makes it super easy to embed media content into your documents and allows you to write and edit texts just the way you do it in Word.
If you need a no-brainer tool for efficient and comfortable creation of help files and manuals, no other program will come close to HelpNDoc in terms of looks and functionality. And, most importantly — HelpNDoc is completely FREE for personal use!

You are totally exhausted by the overwork; got no time to have rest and relax. I know your job is about creating HTML help files. How can you ease your job and life? I"m telling you, better use HelpNDoc. HelpNDoc is very powerful and easy to use software designed for creating HTML help files and help websites; you would be pleased with it, no doubt.
Operating HelpNDoc is very clear; it requires no special knowledge. All you have to do is simply enter the necessary text with some nice images or tables or something else in the built-in word processor and then push on the “Compile” button and get what you want - an HTML help file.
The interface based on the standard WYSIWYG concept is quite friendly and efficient. Besides, with HelpNDoc you get a fully functional word processor capable of dealing with hyperlinks, tables, images, bullets and numbering. The automatic generation of Topic IDs, smart warning and error hints, and fast and easy keyword management - the software features an endless list of helpful tools for making your life better.
HelpNDoc is great software, an excellent HTML help creation application, which makes the complicated job of generating help files efficient and enjoyable.

The International Mine Water Association (IMWA) is the world"s largest association of professionals dealing with water issues in the mining environment. Currently IMWA has 640 members from all continents, thereunder academia, mining companies, consultants, students, and regulators. In addition, IMWA publishes the quarterly journal “Mine Water and the Environment”.
The organization is run solely by volunteers. To manage the membership, including fees, web site registration, and journal address lists, IMWA maintains an MS Access database ensuring a smooth data management. This database and many of the day to day procedures necessary to maintain the membership are documented in the IMWA help file, which is completely based on HelpNDoc3 from IBE Software.
Before we used HelpNDoc3, we tried several other solutions, mainly traditional text files or PDF documents. While investigating a better solution about a year ago we came across HelpNDoc3, and after a 2 day trial immediately purchased the professional version of the software. HelpNDoc3 is an excellent and affordable tool to write documentation for our database, the web site, and general membership issues. It is fast, reliable, and easy to handle. Formatting the text is easy for somebody experienced in a word processor, as HelpNDoc3 uses a similar “look and feel”. We are especially impressed by the wide range of documentation formats that can be produced. HelpNDoc3 is much more than just a help file creator! Thanks to the developer team for this “help"ful tool to write documentation.

I downloaded the freeware version to try out and see if its worth considering converting our pretty useless PDF/DOC format help into ‘proper’ help documents. I must say I expected to be up all night and banging my head on the desk by morning!
WOW! is all i’ve got to say, i haven’t been this excited about a product since I first got my hands on .NET
It makes our documentation look much more professional, its fast to navigate, a breeze to use.
Took me under an hour from scratch to convert an entire products documentation! Thats a 16 page document in under an hour! Simplicity itself!
If my boss doesn’t shell out I will do it personally it will save me so much time and make my product look and feel so much better!
Have to say i laughed very hard when i saw a rivals product for £1,000 odd pounds!
I downloaded and tested quite a few of the “best” products and non held a candle in my opinion, most were just as bad as Microsoft’s HTML Help program! I don"t have time to read through reams and reams of documentation to perform what should be a simple task, so thanks very much for a very usable and friendly program.
FANTASTIC! I really can’t say enough good words! Keep up the good work.

David Chiles

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I’m impressed with HelpNDoc. I’ve been using the freeware version and will most definitely be buying the full product. I’ve been looking for a passable HTML help creator for software that I’m writing (HTML help looks much more professional), and instead I found a great one in your product.. No other HTML creators out there come close in style, ease of use, and with such a reasonable price tag.

Aaron Devine

I just wanted to compliment you on your program, it is really quite excellent, and a great value. It’s super-easy to use and I just wanted to compliment you on a job well done.

Derek J. Stutsman

Very very good… So easy to use. How to use something else for creating help files .chm ? Impossible.

Jean-Marie Masuy

I am truly impressed by your HelpNDoc product. I have been testing the freeware version for a couple of days now and I have not seen anything like it available. It is truly a relief to finally find a help file development product such as yours.

Chris Chunick

Your soft HelpNDoc is very good and very, very simple to use, I send you a big “Thank you”

Bernard Schallenberger

Awesome product as i have been looking for something clean and easy to use and HelpNDoc is certainly it.


Hi, just wanted to let you know your product HelpDoc is so cool! Very nice looking, easy to use–very easy to use and free. Though because it’s such good quality I shall be making a purchase soon! Keep up the good work.

Paul H.

Many thanks to ibe-software which is providing a wonderful freeware HelpNDoc, a freeware I’ve never seen before. It’s a very great software to create html help files more easier and with a little of time needed.

Sigit Haryono

I am really happy with your HelpNDoc, and was pleased to register it today!! It is far above any of the other free or inexpensive help creators that I’ve looked at.

Dan Miller

Absolutely wonderful program that we could recommend to all our clients as well as reworking our Procedure Manuals. I have dreamt of this program for years - thanks.

David Latter

I am evaluating your HelpNDoc software. So far, I am greatly impressed. I do not think help creation can get any simpler.

Prasad Philip

I agree with the comments on your website - you guys have done a great job with this software. It is simple to use, it has a nice uncluttered design, thanks for writing it.

David Wookey

Thanks for HelpNDoc! It’s a great tool for making help documents. It’s a pleasure to use.

Ron Charlton

Congratulations about the software, this is amazing and very helpfully!

Alexandre Zannella Gorian

By the way, when I discovered that Windows Vista does not support WinHelp documents, and in a panic had to find a way to convert everything to HTML, I was very pleased to find your program! It works well and the price is very reasonable. Thanks to HelpNDoc, my users now have a Help document which works on Vista, and is easier to use than the old WinHelp was.

Crawford Woodman

Your software is great.
Congratulations for your development team.
Thank you for sharing and allowing to use it for my own programs.


By the way, HelpNDoc is by far the most fast, stable and easy-to-use help authoring tool I had used ever!! Great work!

Victor Espina

We purchased HelpNDoc two versions ago and have been very pleased with the ease and speed that a complex help system could be built.

Robert Irvine

This is an excellent product at an excellent price in a market dominated by providers who think that a HAT should cost at as much as an entire development IDE.

Paul Coddington

HelpNDoc has proven itself an excellent choice for tackling the task of constructing an online help section for our website. We evaluated several packages and HelpNDoc has the best combination of shallow learning curve and functionality for our needs. It’s very good at doing technical documentation and is one of the most user friendly packages imaginable.

Composite EDI

I was in need of creating CHM-file for a hobby/freeware project I’m building. After extensive searching the internet I found your website. I must say I have never ever encountered a freeware application that is so complete, so good, and so subtle bannered as this application.
I use it with great ease and the result is fantastic. Thank you so very much for making this application available.

Rens Duijsens

Amazing Product.
I just wanted to say that I had been eyeing your HelpNDoc app for a while. But, since you didn’t offer PayPal (where I have my play money), I couldn’t purchase it. Weeks went by and I talked to everyone who would listen about HelpNDoc and someone told me that I could select PayPal as a payment option through Shareit!
Well, how stupid did I feel when I found out that was in fact true. I bought HelpNDoc right away and I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am that I did. What an amazingly simple and effective tool.
Thanks so much for such a quality app.

Dave Sellers

I appreciated having the free version available to learn from. I really like how it creates both .chm and browser-based .htm files with one click.
The software provides everything needed to make good HTML help .chm and browser pages without the extra overhead that can get in the way when a person is in a rush to finish a project. Your software will allow me to make a tight deadline which did not allow for time needed to setup Cascading Style Sheets and setup of buttons, frames, tables, etc. Your product allows copy/paste from the original style set the company currently uses.

Doris Moler

Our company has used HelpNDoc for a number of years for generating our online help. It is without a doubt the best value product of it’s kind and is pleasantly easy to use. The existence of a free version was a significant factor to attract us to your product. While the development team uses the licensed version, the free version allows people outside of the development team to view the documentation.

Ben Ernst

I am testing your HelpNDoc software and am really amazed how simple and intuitive the user interface is. I have tested various help authoring tools including the so called giants and I bet this is the best in its kind. Anybody with a previous experience on WinHelp will within 5 to 10 minutes start creating a new project in Html Help with your software.
And to be frank, nobody gives a free version without some limitations except you. Keep it up.


HelpNDoc is the best. I have used this program for a long time, and many articles I compiled with this smart software. Thanks IBE, thanks HelpNDoc

Abu Sahl

I use your product for my own purpose since years now and I really found a simple and really good product, keep up the good work!

Gérôme Guillemin

I must say I have been getting more and more impressed with your software. I’ve spent the weekend exploring the features and find my greatest amazement is with the ease of use. I am a big fan of freeware and open source software and always entirely happy to take advantage of tools that cost me nothing. As a testament to how impressed I am, I am planning on purchasing a copy of the professional version in the near future in hopes of supporting your continuing efforts with the program. As a hobbyist programmer, I will look for ways to incorporate your tool in several of my projects.

Gary Cassidy

When I create a new program for one of my clients, I take the time to write down some instructions so that he or she can refer to them when in doubt. With HelpNDoc, I can create a searchable CHM quickly and easily. I particularly enjoy the media library, from which I can easily paste the snippets of code I use more often, and the very pleasant user interface, definitely a nice bonus. If you need to create help files or any kind of documentation, I suggest you give HelpNDoc a try!

Thank you very much for this amazing piece of software: I am an enthusiast user of HelpNDoc for years, and used it to build up massive chm documents. It was a pleasure… Well, it’s still a pleasure! HelpNDoc remains the only serious way to build CHM docs for me. Thank you again!

Marc Scheffer

Writing high quality end user documentation can be very difficult and time consuming - but it can make an immense difference to customers. We have found that HelpNDoc really helps to simplify the whole process. The user interface is fast and easy to use and the output is both professional and consistent between formats. This means we can produce an Administrators Guide in PDF, HTML documentation for the web site and an integrated HTML Help for use within Windows based applications - all from a single source. The product was a great find and we are now using HelpNDoc for all of our product range including XIA Configuration our network audit and documentation suite.

Thanks for this tool for generating different output formats, particularly CHM and HTML format. Very intuitive and useful tool. Looking for greater innovations like this from IBE.


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