Create self-contained cross-platform help files

HelpNDoc can leverage the Qt Help Framework to produce compressed, chm-like, help files for all the platforms supported by Qt, making it extremely easy to publish documentation to a multitude of devices and systems.

Qt Help documentation generation

Qt is the HelpNDoc of application development: write once, publish everywhere! Both aim to simplify one’s life by allowing a piece of code or documentation to be shared between multiple systems and devices without the need to re-write everything multiple times. HelpNDoc can leverage the Qt Help Framework to easily produce cross-platform help files.

Spend time writing great content, not coding

The Qt Help Framework provide many customization capabilities which can be tedious to handle: let HelpNDoc do the hard work for you!

Qt Help documentation generation

Want to customize your Qt Help icon, the about dialog’s content or any other custom settings of Qt Assistant ? Simply use HelpNDoc’s straightforward editors and let it generate the required code for you: no need to learn the Qt Help Framework or write any code to create truly personalized, full-featured cross-platform documentation.
Once generated by HelpNDoc, your documentation will be displayed by the Qt Assistant software exactly as instructed on all systems handled by Qt so that you can concentrate on what is the most important: writing great help and manuals.

Never loose control

Even though HelpNDoc greatly simplifies Qt Help generation, you have full control over the look and feel of your documentation and its source code.

As with all documentation formats handled by HelpNDoc, a very powerful template engine is available for you to customize almost any aspect of the generated help files: Do you want a single page documentation instead of multiple pages ? Or do you need a custom header or footer ? Simply create your own Qt Help template to customize it for your specific requirements.
Furthermore, HelpNDoc can be instructed to leave the complete source code of your documentation on your hard drive for you to inspect and fine-tune prior to the compilation process.