Overview of Help Authoring Tools

Help Authoring Tools are used by technical writers (also called technical communicators) and software authors to design, create, publish and maintain help files, manuals and documentations.

Generate multiple documentation formats from a single source

Help and manuals are often used to:

  • Provide technical assistance and user guidance for a specific product or product suit
  • Teach the use of a software, hardware or other goods
  • Provide educational course support during training sessions
  • Showcase a product or a service for advertisement purposes

Help authoring tools reduce the time and efforts needed to produce help files and documentation materials by providing all the necessary features to write and publish help manuals in a single self-contained application.

How technical writers use Help Authoring Tools

Single-source help authoring tools such as HelpNDoc allow technical writers to concentrate on writing the most complete and accurate help and documentation manuals without losing time to produce documentation for multiple supports. HelpNDoc can automatically produce online help (HTML help web-sites, compiled CHM help files, iPhone web-sites) and offline documentation (PDF and Word manuals, ePub and Kindle eBooks) effortlessly.

Why HelpNDoc ?

  • HelpNDoc is very easy to use
  • HelpNDoc provides a complete WYSIWYG authoring environment
  • HelpNDoc can generate multiple help and documentation formats from a single source
  • HelpNDoc is fast and robust, handling hundreds of help topics efficiently
  • HelpNDoc is versatile and allows extreme tailoring of the generated documentations’ look and feel
  • HelpNDoc is completely free for personal use and evaluation purposes

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HelpNDoc can generate multiple documentation formats