Before running and listening to incoming connections, the floating license server needs to be activated with your license key using the following command:

  • Linux: sudo ./turbofloatserver -a="LICENSE_KEY"
  • Windows: .\TurboFloatServer.exe -a="LICENSE_KEY"


  • LICENSE_KEY is your private license key

Here are some errors which could occur during the activation process:



Failed to activate. Connection to the activation servers failed.

Make sure that the server is connected to the Internet and that the following domains are accessible from your server (e.g. white-listed on your Firewall / Proxy) for both HTTP and HTTPS protocols: ; ;
If you are behind a proxy, make sure that the proxy address is correctly specified in the TurboFloatServer-config.xml file.
If an online activation is not possible, proceed with an offline activation.

Failed to activate. The product key has already been activated on the maximum number of computers.

A floating license key can only be activated on one computer. To activate the floating license server on another computer, the previously activated computer needs to be deactivated first.