Some of the templates settings available for CHM builds are:



Base color

The base color of the theme

Clean output directory

Optionally clean the output directory before generation starts. Warning: this will delete any file and folder in the output directory.

Custom CSS

Add custom CSS in all generated HTML files

Custom JavaScript

Add custom JavaScript code in all generated HTML files

Export normal style

Define the normal style as the default style. Use web browser's default otherwise

Font size as percent

Use percent values for font sizes

Footer (HTML)

Specify the HTML content of the footer displayed at the bottom of each page

Force image size generation

Generated HTML code will contain image's width and height to avoid content shifting and enhanced Core Web Vitals

Force image sizes as Inches

Use Inches instead of Pixels for image sizes. This can produce better results for high resolution screens

Internet Explorer compatibility

Choose which version of Internet Explorer is used to display topics. Newer versions have better CSS / JS support but might not be available with each OS

Keep temporary files

Keep the temporary files needed by the compiler to build the final documentation

Library item directory

Define the sub-directory where library items are generated

Numbering as text

Use text instead of OL/LI elements when generating lists

Show BreadCrumbs

Show or hide the breadcrumbs at the top of each topic

Show navigation arrows

Show or hide the navigation arrows at the top of each topic

Use project charset for topics

Use the project encoding to generate topic files instead of UTF-8. This can be useful to fix problems for some East-European and Asian languages

See the How to define build settings in HelpNDoc step-by-step guide.