From the "Home" ribbon tab, click the top part of the "Generate help" button to show the "Generate documentation" window. From this window, you can specify:

  • The kinds of documentation formats to generate by adding builds and enabling them
  • The output path of the final documentation
  • The template and settings to use for each individual build
  • The order of the build execution
  • Custom template settings, tags settings, project options and variables overrides as well as build specific settings

HelpNDoc will then process the templates and generate the documentation for each build accordingly.

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HelpNDoc affords you tremendous flexibility to support dynamic requirements when you publish your documentation. After you've completed your documentation, you can publish it in a variety of formats using a range of options.

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Your HelpNDoc documentation can be published in multiple formats. It can also be published multiple times with different content and settings in each of those formats. Let's see how easily this can be done.

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You can define the outputs that are generated when you publish your documentation. After you've created a publishing output, it is displayed in your build list. When you publish your documentation, it is displayed with its assigned name. To support your specific requirements, you may update this name for any output at any time.

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You can define the builds that are generated when you publish your documentation. These builds are displayed in your build list and can be enabled or disabled at will. When a build becomes obsolete, it is possible to remove it from your build list.

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You can define the order of your outputs in your build list. This order determines the order in which your documentation is generated. This order can also dictate which settings are applied when you publish documentation using 'Quick generate.'

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HelpNDoc gives you the flexibility and control to determine which of your builds are published when you generate documentation. When you enable a build, it is generated when you use your build list. You also have the option to temporarily disable a build to prevent it from being generated. This flexibility permits you to maintain builds in your build list without requiring you to publish them each time you generate documentation.

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When you're ready to generate documentation, HelpNDoc allows you to define the location of your output files and select the templates that are used to generate your documentation. In addition, you can further customize settings such as color, font size, numbering style, and create conditional tags to tailor your documentation to support specific requirements.