Based on the end-user Windows configuration and documentation format, an hyperlink to a file will either:

  • Show the file directly in the help viewer
  • Show the file in an external application if the file format is registered to that application
  • Provide a download file box to let the user download it locally

To create an hyperlink to a file:

  1. Provide the link text. This field is not enabled if you have already selected the text in the topic editor
  2. Indicate the file path and name
  3. Indicate whether the provided path is an absolute or relative path

The help file won't be included with the generated documentation. This means that the help file must be deployed with the final documentation and placed in the correct folder when installed on the end-user computer:

  • For a non-relative file: the file must be placed in the exact same folder and have the same name as the one defined in the file path field. Example: c:\doc\myfile.txt
  • For a relative file: the file must be placed in a relative folder based on the main documentation file. Example: the relative path is set to "file\myfile.txt" so the file must be placed in the "file" sub-folder of the documentation output folder