1. File menu

  • Manage projects: create new, open existing, save...
  • Access to recent projects and places
  • Access the application options
  • Access to help and resources on HelpNDoc
  • Exit the application

2. Quick access tool-bar

  • Access to frequently used actions such as "Save project", "Undo" and "Redo"

3. Ribbon tool-bar

  • Contains all actions available within HelpNDoc
  • Can be minimized to provide greater documentation editing screen estate

4. Table of contents

  • Define and manage the topics hierarchy for the currently opened project
  • Root topic is the project topic, used to view and modify project settings
  • Selecting a topic will display its associated content for editing

5. Topic editor

  • Used to edit the selected topic's content
  • Setup the topic's source and behavior

6. Library

  • Define and manage the multimedia and reusable items such as images, movies, snippets, included documents...
  • Add items to topics

7. Keywords editor

  • Define and manage the keywords hierarchy for the currently opened project
  • Associate keywords with individual topics

8. Topic properties

  • Define topic's system properties
  • Manage topic's custom properties

9. Status bar