This project is too old to be opened with this version of HelpNDoc. Please open it and save it using HelpNDoc version x.9 to convert it first.


The HND project file evolves from time to time in order to be able to support newer features: it is then automatically migrated to the newer version. However, when a project is too old, some migrations couldn't be applied and older versions of HelpNDoc need to be temporarily installed in order to migrate the project first.


Temporarily download and install older versions of the Free Personal Edition of HelpNDoc to proceed with the migration.

Older versions can be downloaded from:

The following versions are the one we recommend based on the requested migrations:


  • Warning: Make sure that you backup your projects first as it is not possible to go back to an earlier version otherwise
  • Older versions can be installed in their own folder without un-installing newer versions as they are independent
  • Once migration is complete, older versions can simply be un-installed from the computer