Each project is saved with its own set of configuration options, which include all the project settings such as copyright, author, and language information.

Access project options

The project options panel can be accessed either by:

  • Selecting the "Home" ribbon tab and clicking the "Project options" button in the "Project" group
  • Or selecting the project topic in the table of contents, which is the root of all topics and the very first on in the list

Project  settings

Various information about the project such as the project title, author information... Some of these options may be exported to the final documentation and overridden for each build. See also Publishing documentation 

Language settings

Specify the project's language and character set. See also Date and time format settings 

Automated settings

Various settings regarding to automation in HelpNDoc.

  • Default properties for new topics: specify the properties to set to a newly created topic, such as icon, kind, header, footer, status, included in build or visibility
  • Always synchronize Help ID with topic caption: when this option is checked, a topic's Help ID will be automatically updated when its caption is changed. E.g. changing the topic's caption to "Hello World" will update its Help ID to "HelloWorld". See also Change topic properties 
    • Synchronize now... will replace every Help ID based on the current topic's caption
  • Compress un-compressed included library pictures: when the library contains uncompressed pictures (E.g. Bitmaps BMP files), they will automatically to a non-destructive PNG format in the HND project file to save disk and memory space