When launching HelpNDoc, either the main window can't be seen or some panels are missing.


Use the "-reset" command line option to reset HelpNDoc's layout:

If you are using HelpNDoc 6.8 or later, you can try to reset HelpNDoc's user interface settings as follows:

  • Close any opened HelpNDoc projects
  • From HelpNDoc's "File" menu, click "Options"
  • Click the "Reset" button at the bottom left of the newly opened "HelpNDoc Options" dialog
  • Click "Reset Forms, Panels and Toolbars"
  • Launch HelpNDoc again

If that doesn't fix the problem or if you are using an older version of HelpNDoc, please try to launch HelpNDoc with the "-reset" command line option to reset all its settings as follows:

  • Use the WINDOWS + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run panel
  • Indicate HelpNDoc's installation path with the -reset option. Usually it is "C:\Program Files\IBE Software\HelpNDoc 9\hnd9.exe -reset"
  • Restart HelpNDoc normally from now on

Note: for older HelpNDoc 7, 6 or 5 versions, adapt the command line accordingly.