The file is a standard INI file located in all the templates folders and is used to specify basic information on that template such as the name, category and extension.

The file requires a "config" section with the following values:

  • name - defines the name of the template as shown in the project options and help generation dialog
  • category - defines the category of the template and used to combine code templates in the quick generation popup menu
  • extension - defines the extension of the main file which will be generated by this template (e.g. "chm" for CHM help files). This only serves as a suggestion for the default file name, as the file extension can be changed for each build
  • topicextension - defines the extension of the topics file (e.g. "htm" for CHM help files). Templates can use this value to generate topic files.

Sample file

The following file describes a sample CHM template:

name=Sample CHM template
category=CHM Documentation

Template information can be accessed from script files using the HndGeneratorInfo.TemplateInfo object which has the following properties:

  • category: string
  • name: string
  • folder: string
  • kind: string
  • extension: string
  • topicextension: string
  • inherits: string
  • standard: boolean
  • variables: THndTemplateVariableInfoArray