Image maps can contain one or multiple interactive shapes. A shape can be a rectangle, circle or polygon and can link to any kind of links handled by HelpNDoc: topics, relative links, URLs, EMails, or file links. See how to use the image map editor.

Note: Image maps are only compatible with CHM and HTML documentation formats as well as some ePub readers.

Manage shapes

To create a shape in the image map editor, choose the kind of shapes in the "Create Shapes" section and draw it over the image.

To select a shape, click on it in the editor, or choose it in the "Shape" list of the "Properties" section.

When one or more shapes are selected, click "Delete" in the "Manage Shapes" section to delete them.

Move and resize shapes

Once a shape is added, it can be moved and resized by dragging its content or its handles in the editor. Rectangle and Circle shapes can also be moved and resized using the editors in the "Properties" section.

Assign title and link to shapes

When a shape is selected, change its title in the "Properties" group. Title are used as hints in web-browser or as indication for accessibility settings.

To update the link of a shape, click the link next the "Link To" in the "Properties" group to use the hyperlink editor.

See the How to create an image map step-by-step guide.