Some of the templates settings available for ePub builds are:



Book ID

Unique ePub book ID or ISBN

Clean output directory

Optionally clean the output directory before generation starts. Warning: this will delete any file and folder in the output directory.

Cover picture

The picture library item to use as a cover page

Export normal style

Define the normal style as the default style. Use web browser's default otherwise

Font size as percent

Use percent values for font sizes

Inline cover page

Include a cover page within the eBook content

Inline table of contents

Include a table of contents within the eBook content

Keep temporary files

Keep the temporary files needed by the compiler to build the final documentation

Numbering as text

Use text instead of OL/LI elements when generating lists

Table of contents title

The title for the "Table of contents" text. See: How to localize your documentation output

See the How to define build settings in HelpNDoc step-by-step guide.