Keywords are words or short sentences used to tag or index one or multiple topics. HelpNDoc offers the possibility to define a keyword hierarchy where each keyword can be associated with one or multiple topics. Keywords are alphabetically and hierarchically ordered: a keyword can contain one or more children keywords.

See the How to access the keywords panel step-by-step guide.

Create keywords

To create a first-level keyword:

To create a child keyword, first select the parent keyword then:

See the How to create a keyword step-by-step guide.

Rename keywords

To rename a keyword:

See the How to rename a keyword step-by-step guide.

Delete keywords

To delete obsolete keywords:

See the How to delete a keyword step-by-step guide.

Associate with topics and remove association

Keywords with checked boxes are associated with the currently selected topic. Keywords with unchecked boxes are not associated with it. They might be associated with other topics or not used anymore: you can use the project analyzer to check for unused keywords.

To associate / remove association between a keyword with a topic:

To manage the topics associated with a specific keyword, you can use the Manage keyword association window.

See the How to associate keywords with topics step-by-step guide.